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Done feeding, I leaned back, head rested on the couch's top Must leave the house soon, mean gone, 'cause my pops he's hot Grab my blue backpack, my walkman, grip my bicycle Because I know my friends are waiting at the door I'm feeling loose like you, just fucking around and shit Till that comes fifty-five; I'm twenty-six Let me go I give more And you know I fold I Come at me, come, come My Blindfolded definitions Simple past tense and past participle of blindfold. What does blindfold expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Blindfold - Idioms by The Free Dictionary. A blindfold usually appears where there are irrational forces at work.

Blindfold meaning

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عصب العينين;; متهور;; عِصابة العَيْن; عَصْب العَيْنَيْنِ;; جار بعينين معصوبتين; مَعْصوبَ العَيْنَيْنِ;; يَعْصِب; رِباط العَيْنِ;. blindfold['blaindfəuld]. n. 1.

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transitive verb To  blindfold中文:遮著眼…,點擊查查權威綫上辭典詳細解釋blindfold的中文翻譯, blindfold的發音,音標,用法和例句等。 blindfold (v.) "to cover the eyes to hinder from seeing," a mistaken formation ultimately from Old English (ge)blindfellian "to strike blind," from blind (adj.)  Original text, Meaning. blindfold [General], شَدَّ العينين بِعِصَابَة؛ عِصَابَةٌ لِلْعَيْنَيْن؛ عصب العينين؛ عصبابة العينين؛ غمامة؛ غَمَّى؛ معصوب العينين متهور؛ معمى؛ معمي. 7 Apr 2021 Meaning of blindfold in English Want to learn more? Improve your vocabulary with English Vocabulary in Use from Cambridge.

Blindfold meaning

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Blindfold meaning

2. transitive verb If you blindfold someone, you tie a blindfold over their eyes.

You can get meaning of any English word very easily. It has auto-suggestion feature which will save you a lot of time getting any meaning. We have a Chrome Extension and an Android App The page not only provides Urdu meaning of Blindfold but also gives extensive definition in English language. The definition of Blindfold is followed by practically usable example sentences which allow you to construct your own sentences based on it. You can also find multiple synonyms or similar words of Blindfold. Show English Meaning (+) Noun (1) a cloth used to cover the eyes Verb (1) cover the eyes of (someone Adjective (1) wearing a blindfold.
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Blindfold meaning

How to use blindfold in a sentence. to cover the eyes of with or as if with a bandage; to hinder from seeing; especially : to keep … blindfold definition: 1. a strip of cloth that covers someone's eyes and stops them from seeing 2. to cover someone's…. Learn more.

blindness. blindside. Lady Justice is typically depicted as a blindfolded figure, with in her right hand a sword and in her left hand a scale. On the oldest images, she is still depicted  creates an order and meaning from the sounds of the earth which flow through his instrument. Everybody blindfold test, "that familiar parlor game of jazz fans [. He says: “If I must manage this as well, I will have to wear a blindfold!” It was The likeness and the meaning are crystal clear.
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Meaning of Blindfold in Malay. menutup mata  More meanings of blindfold - بلائنڈفولڈ, it's definitions, example sentences, related words, idioms and quotations. unblindfold. Edit. Facebook Chatbots.

What does BLINDFOLD mean? It stands  Definition. verb: to cover the eyes of (a person) with a piece of cloth; verb: to cover the eyes of with or as if The kidnappers tied him up and 'blindfolded' him. Translate Blindfold. See 4 authoritative translations of Blindfold in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations Learn more with unlimited dictionary access. ⇒ To this end, a map was purchased, into which, whilst blindfold , he thrust a pin.
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English to Swedish Dictionary - Meaning of Unsighted in

Blighty. blimp. blimpish. blind. blinded.

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something that is put over somebody’s eyes so they cannot see She used a scarf as a blindfold. English to Hawaiian Dictionary (Free). You can get meaning of any English word very easily. It has auto-suggestion feature which will save you a lot of time getting any meaning. We have a Chrome Extension and an Android App Blindfolded definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation.

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The definition of a blindfold is a piece of cloth used to cover the eyes so that a person cannot see. A piece of cloth that is put over the eyes of a kidnapping victim so he cannot see where he is being taken is an example of a blindfold. What does blindfold mean?

blind·fold·ed , blind·fold·ing , blind·folds 1. To cover the eyes of with or as if with a bandage.